The Impact of Technology Education - International Insights

The Impact of Technology Education - International Insights

von: Marc J. de Vries, Stefan Fletcher, Stefan Kruse, Peter Labudde, Martin Lang, Ingelore Mammes, Charles Max, Dieter Münk, Bill Nicholl, Johannes Strobel, Mark Winterbottom

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2020

ISBN: 9783830991410 , 180 Seiten

Format: PDF

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The Impact of Technology Education - International Insights

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The increasing use of technology in our lives requires not only the qualification of young professionals through vocational training in order to maintain innovation and technical and societal progress, but also a technical education 'for everyone', so as to cope with these environments and to become a society with technology literacy. A lack of technology activities may not only result in a 'technology illiteracy', thus making a responsible participation in social life more difficult, but also has an impact on identity development. Against this background, technology education is getting important and has an impact on various aspects of the personality, e.g. skills, knowledge and interest in technology, which initiate lifelong learning.
With the combination of articles, the editors of Technology Education Vol. III want to give an insight into international approaches of technology education and its impact. Nine authors, respectively teams of authors from various countries present their educational setting and the impact it has for the personality development in technology.