Making it tangible. Learning outcomes in science education

von: Sascha Bernholt, Knut Neumann, Peter Nentwig (Hrsg.)

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2012

ISBN: 9783830976448 , 520 Seiten

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Making it tangible. Learning outcomes in science education


Preface, Acknowledgements, Contents


Chapter 1 Making it Tangible – Specifying Learning Outcomes in Science Education

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Chapter 2 Moving Beyond Standards: How Can We Improve Elementary Science Learning? A German Perspective

3,84 EUR

Chapter 3 Developing a Framework for Diagnostic Assessment of Early Science

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Chapter 4 The Design of an Assessment System Focused on Student Achievement: A Learning Sciences Perspective on Issues of Competence, Growth, and Measurement

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Chapter 5 Learning Outcomes in Ireland – Implications for the Science Classroom

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Chapter 6 Assessing Professional Competences and their Development in Vocational Education in Germany – State of Research and Perspectives

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Chapter 7 Competencies: The German Notion of Learning Outcomes

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Chapter 8 Capturing the Diversity of Students‘ Competences in Science Classrooms: Differences and Commonalities of Three Complementary Approaches

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Chapter 9 Assessment of Standards-based Learning Outcomes in Science Education: Perspectives from the German Project ESNaS

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Chapter 10 Standards, Competencies and Outcomes. A Critical View

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Chapter 11 The Development, Validation, and Implementation of Standards in Science Education: Chances and Difficulties in the Swiss Project HarmoS

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Chapter 12 The Promise and Value of Learning Progression Research

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Chapter 13 Using Learning Progression to Organize Learning Outcomes: Implications for Assessment

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Chapter 14 The Challenge of Alignment of Students‘ Learning Outcomes with Curriculum Guidelines, Instruction, and Assessment in Science Practice in Taiwan

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Chapter 15 Learning Outcomes for Science in Australia: How Are They Defined, Measured, and Implemented?

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Chapter 16 How Learning Outcomes in Science Are Specified and Measured in the English School System

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Chapter 17 An Examination of Turkish Science Curricula from a Historical Perspective with an Emphasis on Learning Outcomes

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Chapter 18 Defining the Structure and the Content of a New Chemistry Curriculum in the Netherlands

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Chapter 19 Potential Learning Outcomes Inferred from French Curricula in Science Education

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Chapter 20 Item Construction for Finnish National Level Assessment in School Physics Without Pre-Defined Learning Outcomes

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Chapter 21 Learning Outcomes in Science Education: A Synthesis of the International Views on Defining, Assessing and Fostering Science Learning

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