Crossing Boundaries in Science Teacher Education

von: Klaus-Henning Hansen, Wolfgang Gräber, Manfred Lang (Hrsg.)

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2012

ISBN: 9783830975953 , 240 Seiten

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Crossing Boundaries in Science Teacher Education


Foreword and Contents


1 New Directions in Science Education and the Culture of the School – The CROSSNET Project as a Transnational Framework for Research

5,28 EUR

2 Innovation in the Science Curriculum: The Intersection of School Practice and Research

3,52 EUR

3 CROSSNET in Practice: An Analysis of Teacher Response

3,96 EUR

4 Crossing Boundaries Through School-Based Collaboration for Innovative Science Teaching

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5 Enhancing Language Awareness in Science Education by Means of Content and Language Integrated Learning

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6 School-Based In-Service Teacher Education as a Way of Promoting Integrated Teaching and Learning of Science Subjects

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7 Facing Barriers in Teaching Chemical Equilibrium – Approaches Based on the Use of ICT

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8 Reform in Biology Education: Teachers and searchers in a Process of Negotiation

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9 Crossing Boundaries by Changing the Culture of Teaching

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10 Innovations in Science Education Through School

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University Partnership

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