New Perspectives on Religious and Spiritual Education

von: Theo van der Zee, Terence J. Lovat (Hrsg.)

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2012

ISBN: 9783830977001 , 304 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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New Perspectives on Religious and Spiritual Education




Meeting the needs for new perspectives of thought and practice in religious and spiritual education

1,68 EUR

Does body-based learning lead to a better retention of religious education knowledge?

5,04 EUR

Developing students’ willingness to encounter difference

3,78 EUR

Thinking about the afterlife

6,30 EUR

Interfaith education and phenomenological method

6,30 EUR

‘Ears to hear’ – the Bible, the Sower and performative Christianity

3,36 EUR

Personal projects among students of theology

3,36 EUR

Religious myth as the leading discourse in religious education

3,36 EUR

Imagination’s role in religious and spiritual education

2,94 EUR

Rethinking the role of religious education in a knowledge society

3,78 EUR

Education and nurture revisited in the light of spirituality

3,78 EUR

The securitization of religion in education

4,20 EUR

The spiritual life of Maltese adolescents attending Catholic schools

3,36 EUR

Confirmation work instructions and confirmation workers in Nordic Lutheran Churches

3,78 EUR

Religious and spiritual education as contributors to the development of the whole person

2,52 EUR

Religious and spiritual resilience in cases of critical life events

4,83 EUR