Mokken Scale Analysis in Language Assessment

Mokken Scale Analysis in Language Assessment

von: Purya Baghaei

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2021

ISBN: 9783830994466 , 170 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Mokken Scale Analysis in Language Assessment

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Mokken Scale Analysis collectively refers to a set of methods to examine the fit of data to two nonparametric Item Response Theory (IRT) models known as the Monotone Homogeneity Model (MHM) and the Double Monotonicity Model (DMM). As nonparametric IRT models, MHM and DMM are, compared to their parametric counterparts, easier to fit to the noisy data that social science researchers usually work with. Furthermore, the logic behind these models is a lot easier to grasp by researchers who do not have a strong background in algebra.
This book is an introductory treatment of the topic with examples from the field of language assessment and research. It describes the basics of MSA and includes step-by-step tutorials to help the readers run the analyses with the R package mokken. Furthermore, case studies are reported to illustrate the concepts introduced throughout the book. The book is comprehensive and reader-friendly and can be followed by most empirical researchers in the social sciences. It is suitable for all researchers and practitioners in the fields of behavioral and social sciences who are engaged in test and scale development. It is an easy-to-use manual that covers everything that you need to know to apply Mokken scaling confidently.