Guiding the Eye - Visual Literacy in Art Museums

von: Lode Vermeersch, Ernst Wagner, Rainer Wenrich

Waxmann Lehrbuch, 2019

ISBN: 9783830991120 , 178 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Guiding the Eye - Visual Literacy in Art Museums


This book addresses the link between visual literacy - people's ability to interpret and skillfully use images - and art museums. Art museums invite you to look at objects in different ways. They stimulate your visual curiosity, give you visual satisfaction, and allow the visual to merge with other sensory experiences. All of this makes art museums potentially the ideal learning environments for acquiring visual literacy skills.
But how should an art museum stimulate visual literacy in practice? How can it actually become such an ideal learning place? How can it spark visitors' visual literacy and increase their knowledge about it? In this book a wide range of authors from different parts of the world offer their answers. As researchers, curators and educators they provide crucial theoretical insights and reflect on real-life examples.