Open and Above Board

von: Titus Dittmann

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2016

ISBN: 9783830985105 , 327 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Open and Above Board


Titus Dittmann has been a lot of things: 2CV mechanic in the Sahara desert, hang-glider and snowboard pioneer, secondary school teacher, entrepreneur of the year and racecar driver. The man with the beanie, who made skateboarding popular in Germany and who has left a mark on generations of children and teenagers with his legendary company TITUS can't be pigeonholed. Blunt, captivating and self-deprecating, he portrays his journey through life from the Westerwald mountain range to Afghanistan. He talks about self-built cars, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and the happy feeling of having nothing left to lose. This is all true to the motto: 'Don't let others butt into your life! Do your own thing, but take responsibility if it doesn't work out!'
OPEN AND ABOVE BOARD is all in one: an iconic book, an economic crime story and lively chronicle.

Titus Dittmann, geboren 1948 in Kirchen an der Sieg, studierte in Münster Pädagogik, Sport und Geografie. Das Thema seiner Examensarbeit: »Skateboarding im Schulsportunterricht?« Seinen Beamtendienst als Lehrer quittierte er 1984 und begann den Aufbau seines Unternehmens TITUS, dem er einen Skatepark anschloss. Heute ist TITUS Europas größter Anbieter von Skateboards und Streetwear. Mittlerweile führt die Geschäfte Sohn Julius. Titus selbst kehrte zu seinen Wurzeln zurück: Er lehrt an der Universität Münster und nutzt die Kraft des Skateboardens, um weltweit mit »skate-aid« die Situation von Jugendlichen in Krisen-, Kriegs- und Entwicklungsgebieten zu verbessern. Titus Dittmann was born in Kirchen on the river Sieg in 1948. He studied pedagogics, physical education and geography in Münster. The topic of his thesis was »Skateboarding in Physical Education?«. In 1984, he quit civil service and began laying the groundwork for his company TITUS, including building a skate park. Today, TITUS is Europe's biggest vendor of skateboards and street wear. Titus' son Julius now manages the business. Titus himself has returned to his roots: he teaches at the University of Münster and utilizes the power of the skateboard with his skate-aid foundation to improve the situation of teenagers in crisis areas and developing countries worldwide.