Medieval Cyprus - a Place of Cultural Encounter

von: Sabine Rogge, Michael Grünbart

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2015

ISBN: 9783830983606 , 392 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Medieval Cyprus - a Place of Cultural Encounter


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How to Become an Emperor: The Ascension of Isaakios Komnenos (of Cyprus) (Michael Grünbart)

3,60 EUR

Ernoul, Eracles and the Beginnings of Frankish Rule in Cyprus, 1191–1232 (Peter Edbury)

4,80 EUR

Peter I de Lusignan, the Crusade of 1365, and the Oriental Christians of Cyprus and the Mamluk Sultanate (K. Scott Parker)

4,00 EUR

The Kingdom of Cyprus in the First Ottoman-Venetian War (1463–1479): Aspects of its Military and Political Significance (Alexander Beihammer)

5,60 EUR

The Bullarium Cyprium: The Ongoing Mission ... (Christopher Schabel)

4,40 EUR

Monastic Estates in the Middle Byzantine Period: Evidence from Cyprus for Local and Overseas Landowners (Tassos Papacostas)

4,80 EUR

Sugar Mills and Sugar Production in Medieval Cyprus (Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou)

5,60 EUR

Islands East and West: Commerce between Cyprus, Majorca and Sardinia in the Early Fourteenth Century (Nicholas Coureas)

2,00 EUR

The Excavations at Akrotiri-Katalymata ton Plakoton 2007–2014 (Eleni Procopiou)

6,80 EUR

Living in a Sweet Land: The Material Culture of Daily Life on Cyprus, 13th–14th Centuries (Maria Parani)

5,20 EUR

Strike a Pose: Human Representations and Gestureson Medieval Ceramics from Cyprus(ca. 13th–15th/16th Centuries) (Joanita Vroom)

6,40 EUR

The Language of Power: Transgressing Borders in Luxury Metal Objects of the Lusignan (Ulrike Ritzerfeld)

6,40 EUR

Resting in Pieces: Gothic Architecture in Cyprus in the Long Fifteenth Century (Michalis Olympios)

9,60 EUR

One Island, three Capitals. Insularity and the Successive Relocations of the Capital of Cyprus from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages (Myrto Veikou)

7,00 EUR